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Gyrobalance – An App for better Balance, Mental Health & More

CONCEPT : Definition of gyrobalance :   3 WORDS OF WISDOM FROM  J.P. FARCY,M.D.

RETAINING BALANCE IS A “MUST” Not every human is graced with the same balance,  Gyrobalance can help you to know about your own balance.

TEST YOUR BALANCE Follow the steps on this APP. Eyes open and closed in 3 different positions, it will give you a score

IMPROVE THE SCORE Completing the tests successfully at first  is not expected,  performance will improve with  training which will improve your concentration, endurance and overall balance.



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The Application

This application was designed to help you to test and improve your balance and your health. The software uses the built-in gyroscope in the I-phone. You can test your balance in three different positions with eyes open or closed. Specific exercises help you to improve your score.


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The Book

Dr Farcy presents his experience as a spine surgeon and the results of his research to motivate us about the need of balance assessment and maintenance.


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The Foundation

The Balance Research Foundation will provide scientific data and educational material, to both the scientific community and general public, relating to the knowledge and concept of human balance.


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Gyro Film Logo

The Film

Quick Presentation of the Principles of Gyrobalance Application



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