Standing on one leg

Gyrobalance selected “the standing on one leg” to test everyone’s balance,  “training” session made up of 2 balance exercises,

3 strengthening exercises for quadriceps and 2 core strengtheners.


Gyrobalance was designed to test your balance using one leg standing with first eyes opened and then eyes closed.

Gyrobalance describes in “training” combined balance and cognitive exercises to gain a better balance.

Gyrobalance provides the history of your tests results and follows your progress.


The Telegraph :  standing on one leg

Your Gait , how important is to walk fluidly

Gait is the way people walk.

The less you walk fluidly your skills in planning, memory and processing information are declining. In addition changes in walking come first before changes in cognition are perceived.

Gyrobalance helps you to know how good your balance is. The length of your stride and the fluidiy of your gait depends upon the quality of your balance>
Gyrobalance give you training recommendations for combined attention and physical balance exercises to improve your balance.


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5: “Working memory”

“Working memory”

The brain has immense potential. Many neurons are not being used, stimulation will put them to work.

Double tasks both physical and cognitive can activate unused neurons with an amazing functional benefit. Enriched memory is a very important factor to improve our day-to-day lives.

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4: Gyrobalance


Evaluate your balance with the following 6 steps. When you succeed in the first test go on to the second test and so forth. Don’t give up!  Training is available to help you.

what must be known about BALANCE.